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The Language Attitude Institute fosters professional partnerships with educational ecosystems that share responsibility to sustain and revitalize home languages and cultures into and outside of the classroom. 

We have so much gratitude and appreciation for all our partners who empower us to strengthen and continue our work.

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creates a dynamic environment where art, culture, education and play come together to inspire, educate and entertain individuals of all ages and backgrounds without distinction

2016: Implements Vac’Art language & Art Camp

2020: Partners for Pousse Pions Festival

Arts to Change the World

employs the arts in service of positive social change

2018: Hosted a performance-based workshop to explore, acknowledge, and embody cultural identities

Cultural Wellness Center

incubates culturally-based solutions to real world problems.

2017: The Institute incubated with the Cultural Wellness Center

2022: The Institute is under the Eldership of the Cultural Wellness Center

University of Minnesota’s Center for Urban and Regional Affairs

aligns the University of Minnesota’s resources to accelerate community-driven change

The Million Artist Movement

 believes in the role of ART in the campaign to dismantle oppressive racist systems against Black, Brown, Indigenous and disenfranchised peoples

2019: Co-designed a mural for Center for Kente Circle

Minnesota Humanities Center

collaborates with individuals, organizations, and communities to bring transformational humanities programming into the lives of Minnesotans throughout the state.

2019-2021: Designed a toolkit that empower teachers to create a classroom environment sustaining students’ languages, literacies, and cultures

University of Minnesota’s Law Clinic

provides student attorneys with the opportunity to develop their legal skills and gain real-world client-service experience in a supportive setting

2021: Established Confidential Information and Invention Agreement and Media Consent and Release form

Metropolitan Regional Arts Council

improves arts access for communities in the seven-county metropolitan area through support to artists and organizations

2021 - 2022: Hosted a performance-based workshop for teachers on culturally revitalizing and sustainable pedagogy

2021 - 2022: Curated content for podcast development

Minneapolis Public Schools

embraces diversity in our students, in our staff and in the programs we offer to accelerate learning.

2021 - 2022: Coached teachers of Spanish, Arabic and Chinese on the integration of arts

2022 - 2023: Coached a teacher of Hmong 4 on how to implement youth participatory action research

Friends of the Mississippi

engages people to protect, restore and enhance the Mississippi River and its watershed in the Twin Cities region

2022 - 2023: Consulted on the development of a lesson series on the Cultural River Stewards project

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