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The Language Attitude Institute engages with educational ecosystems by building transformational relationships to support the classroom.

The Institute anchors its roots on the teachings of Elders which has led us to become a research-action center that honors the cyclical nature of time.

Our elders maintain our cultural libraries and ground our
purpose, power, and identity. The founding Board of Women, collaboratively, exercise their leadership building from their multiple ways of speaking, being, believing, and interacting.

Our founding women

Firefly Colorful african woman marble statue with tree branches coming from the head 95994

Under the Eldership of:

Semerit Strachan, M.D.

Research Sovereignty executed by:

Sara J. Musaifer, Ph.D.

María Cecilia ​​Schwedhelm Ramirez, Ph.D.

Tiffany L. Smith, Ph.D.

Veronica Bayiha ñwa Quillien, Ph.D.

Educational Agency performed by:

Laura Mann Hill, M.A. Ed.

Tina Maynor, M.A. Ed.

Creative Vision sprouted by:

Megan Lovitz, B.A.

Intangible Cultural Heritage protected by:

Sandjock Likinè


Support teachers by sponsoring them to receive coaching in creative classroom leadership. 

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The Language Attitude Institute engages with educational stakeholders.


Can your art revitalize culture? Request an apprenticeship with us.

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