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The vision of Language Attitude is to research, promote and create culturally relevant practices in the fields of education, media, and communications. Culturally relevant practices have been undermined, or worse, used as a buzz word empty of meaningful content or clear foundations. While these practices are often readily claimed, their uncritical application results in inadequate approaches, processes and attitudes that perpetuate or exacerbate existing sociopolitical and cultural inequities. By employing evidence-based research and arts-based research, our team of experts—academics and practitioners—engage in intercultural exchange and collaboration where languages, literacies and cultural practices are considered through an empathic lens. This approach allows us to strengthen cultural intelligence and develop cultural competence while researching, promoting and creating culturally sustaining and revitalizing practices. 


Culturally relevant practices connect empathic perspectives with the reality of the culturally rich environment one desires to research, promote or create.


On one hand, the culturally rich environment entails language, literacy and cultural practices which can only be translated by cultural brokers. On the other hand, we champion an exploration of the environment through the adoption of mindful and social justice oriented lenses. 

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